Online seminar with regard to "Taxation of Cryptocurrencies"

October 2018

The taxation of the new asset class cryptocurrency raises various questions for tax advisors, investors and innovative FinTech companies. Indeed, the EU and fiscal authorities worldwide have identified this issue themselves and are giving indications on questions of interpretation in initial opinions. However, conclusive legal certainty currently does not yet exist.

In order to identify potential pitfalls in a timely manner, fundamental knowledge in this area is absolutely necessary. In a current online seminar, David Hötzel (P+P) introduces this exciting topic and clarifies the most important questions from both income tax and sales tax perspectives. Fundamental questions of classification between commercial and asset management in crypto token trading are also discussed, as well as special cases such as hard forks, airdrops and claiming. He also addresses questions on the mining and staking of new crypto tokens. Finally, he points out tax-related risks in the execution of initial coin offerings (ICOs).
You may access the online seminar (for a fee) through the NWB Academy (held in German).

Length: 1 hour 48 minutes