Handelsblatt/Legal Success - Best Lawyers: Top commercial lawyers in Germany 2017 (June 24, 2016)

26 P+P professionals are listed, including Matthias Bruse, Stefan Lebek and Thomas Töben as "Best Lawyers of the Year" for their respective regions and areas of specialty.
Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers

The renowned American publisher 'Best Lawyers' annually announces a list of the top commercial lawyers all over the world in 40+ practice areas. The research team interviews distinguished experts and colleagues for their recommendations on which lawyers outside their own teams to whom they would refer work, if they could not take on the client themselves. These results form the basis for a publication in the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

26 P+P attorneys are listed for their expertise, often in more than one practice area. In addition, the following attorneys were ranked as "Best Lawyer of the Year 2017" in their regions: the Munich partner Matthias Bruse for M&A, and his Berlin colleagues Stefan Lebek for real estate law, and Thomas Töben for tax law.

Many of the following attorneys have been selected repeatedly as the best attorneys in their areas of expertise.