JUVE Handbook 2008/2009 (Germany)

P+P has an excellent reputation in its core practice areas M&A, transactions and asset management. As such, seven partners are considered as 'leading' in their practice area, Reinhard Pöllath even in more than one category. Reinhard as well as Andreas Richter are leading for their practice on advising private clients. Furthermore, Reinhard together with Richard Engl (Munich) and Thomas Töben (Berlin) belong to the Germany-wide leading tax advisors. Stefan Lebek (Berlin office) is a leading lawyer for real estate business issues, while Matthias Bruse (Munich) is a well-known and leading expert for his private equity transaction practice.
Its focus on mid-cap transactions makes P+P one of the best addresses in this area. P+P partners are mostly well-reputed in more than one practice area, e.g. Reinhard Pöllath as a dealmaker in M&A and also as top counsel for succession and entrepreneurship families. Likewise, Matthias Bruse is becoming firmly established as a specialist for entrepreneurship families but also is a strong name in the M&A market. Andreas Rodin's combination of expertise on private equity, fund structuring and tax-related issues makes him particularly popular in the tax and private equity field.
In M&A, P+P Munich partners especially dominate the national mid-cap private equity market: In addition to Reinhard Pöllath and Matthias Bruse, Andrea von Drygalski, Philipp von Braunschweig and Otto Haberstock ("competent, superior") are highly recommended by both clients and competitors.
On succession and family office, none of the competitors is comparatively as potent as P+P due to the strong orientation on private equity, M&A and real estate. All specialists are leaders in their fields: Reinhard Pöllath, Matthias Bruse, Andreas Richter and Andreas Rodin. The extraordinary combination of legal and tax advice on transactions, asset management and real estate ensure P+P a prime position on the market.
This remarkable reputation also extends to the tax sector: Richard Engl adds corporate group taxation to P+P's tax competencies and is mainly responsible for the excellent tax reputation of the Munich office ('one of the top names in group taxation', competitor). Other highly esteemed advisors in the tax segment are Andreas Rodin, Thomas Töben, Michael Best and Wolfgang Tischbirek for investments and projects of large private fortunes.
'A new star is born' says a competitor of Michael Inhester with regard to his private equity and venture capital expertise. Although one of the younger partners, step-by-step Michael is playing a leading role as a specialist in private equity and venture capital. Accordingly, his long-term connection to the venture capital scene in Munich ensures stable client relationships and mandates. Matthias Bruse is a leading name in private equity and Andrea von Drygalski, Otto Haberstock, Philipp von Braunschweig, Andreas Richter und Benedikt Hohaus ('management adviser par excellence', competitor) are also frequently recommended for private equity matters.
Finally, due to the particular combination of tax expertise and specialization on fund structuring the P+P Berlin office is still going strong. The real estate segment remains successful with a series of deals in Berlin. Stefan Lebek 'continues to dominate the capital', but Carsten Führling and Matthias Durst also have a reputation as real dealmakers for their competent advice on real estate matters.