JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2011/2012

For the edition of this handbook about 12,000 personal or written interviews with piers and clients at home and abroad has been evaluated and analysed. The key element is the assessment of the market position of more than 800 law firms in Germany.
According to JUVE, P+P belongs to the leading firms in Germany in the areas of succession, trusts and estates, foundations, investment funds and fund structuring, and venture capital. It is recommended in all of its other core areas, including M&A, private equity, real estate law and tax law. The strategic acquisition of new partners has led to a broadening of the practice areas, eg in corporate law with the 'highly competent and effective' Wolfgang Grobecker or the new real estate partner Wolfram Pätzold in Munich and in the Frankfurt office by Pia Dorfmueller for the area of international corporate tax law, and Jan Wildberger for his M&A and private equity transactions practice.
Overall, - as last year - more than two-thirds of all partners have been particularly recommended in their practice areas, of which five partners are listed as truly leading in their respective practice areas. The 'independent firm that is networked with leading, often smaller specialist firms abroad very well,' has a leading practice in advising private clients, succession and foundation issues and is also perceived as highly qualified in advising large charitable foundations. The law firm has also excellent know-how in tax law, 'uniquely networking with the corporate law practice as well as with private equity specialists'. Name partner Reinhard Pöllath and Andreas Richter ('absolute specialist in family trusts') are excelled as two leading practitioners with excellent connections, who advise the richest families in Germany. Frequently recommended experts include the Munich junior partner Stephan Viskorf ('good designer and innovative tax advice') and Frankfurt partner Andreas Rodin.
The latter is also named as one of the leading experts in the field of investment funds and fund structuring. He impresses clients and colleagues with his incredible problem solving skills and his high authority in negotiations. His colleague Patricia Volhard is well-known as an 'expert in regulatory law, factual, very collegial' and clients praise her high level of expertise in investment law. In addition, newcomer Peter Bujotzek attracts the market's attention for his expertise.
The M&A practice group has significantly broadened its expertise with the highly estimated corporate law expert Wolfgang Grobecker, as well as by the arrival of Jan Wildberger in Frankfurt. As in previous years, frequently recommended transaction lawyers include Reinhard Pöllath, Andrea von Drygalski ('highly qualified and pleasant'), Philip von Braunschweig ('excellent quality, his team makes anything possible'), Otto Haberstock ('engaged and reliable'), Andreas Junius, Andres Schollmeier ('very talented, excellent in negotiations') and Matthias Bruse ('truly excellent').
Matthias Bruse is also listed as a leading name for private equity transactions and shines as a 'genuine all-rounder with strong tax knowledge'. Other 'frequently recommended lawyers include Andrea von Drygalski, Otto Haberstock, Philipp von Braunschweig ('excellent quality, pragmatic, practical work'), Michael Inhester, Christian Tönies and Benedikt Hohaus ('makes always a good job for CEOs'). Benedikt is in particular known for his management participation advice. Nowadays, other firms dabble in that particular niche market, reasoning 'to break the dominance of Hohaus' market position', which clearly demonstrates his unique position in the German market. Also new partner Jan Wildberger in the Frankfurt office impressed the market with his management consulting.
In the real estate business, all P+P practice group partners are recommended experts with the leading expert Stefan Lebek as primus inter pares. He is recognized as 'one of the best' with 'an impressive market overview and expertise'. His colleagues Carsten Führling and Matthias Durst ('truly competent and agreeable negotiating partner') are listed as frequently recommended lawyers. In addition, the win of the new partner Wolfram Pätzold in the Munich office turns out as a great strategic asset with positive synergies between the offices.
Last but not least, P+P partner Thomas Töben is a leading expert in tax law, another core practice area of the firm. The firm's tax competences include the comprehensive advice of German and foreign private equity and real estate funds, management and investors in Germany. The firm is also known for its advice to a number of very important private and institutional investors and investment banks. In addition, Frankfurt partner Pia Dorfmueller's competence in international corporate tax law increases the firm's field of activity . Frequently recommended tax lawyers include Reinhard Pöllath, Andreas Rodin, Wolfgang Tischbirek, Richard Engl and Michael Best, who is according to clients 'very highly recommended for his transactions practice.'