Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2013/2014

P+P awarded Law Firm of the Year for Corporate Law (Kanzlei des Jahres für Gesellschaftsrecht)
Juve Award 2013 "Kanzlei des Jahres für Gesellschaftsrecht"

The Juve Commercial Law Firms (German version) is the gold standard in Germany; it describes and ranks all commercial law firms, as well as the attorneys and their respective practice areas. It is published yearly, along with the English counterpart „JUVE German Commercial Law Firms", and confers awards in various practice areas to firms with significant accomplishments.

In the 2013 edition, P+P received an award for "Law Firm of the Year for Corporate Law" and is also recommended for real estate law, investment funds, M&A, private equity and venture capital, as well as tax law. The firm's other strong points are in advice on succession / asset management and foundations. P+P is ranked in all of its areas of expertise. Leading advisors include Patricia Volhard for investment funds and asset management, Stefan Lebek for real estate law, Dieter Birk for tax disputes, and Reinhard Pöllath and Andreas Richter for company succession and trusts.

P+P received the award for broadening its corporate law practice, which plays an increasingly important role in P+P's advisory business. This can be attributed in particular to the positive development of Munich partners Wolfgang Grobecker and Eva Nase. Wolfgang has achieved an "impressive reputation, in particular with mid-size, publicly listed companies". The advisory services provided on a large number of SE conversions, as well as to management and supervisory boards on compliance and governance questions are also highlighted. Wolfgang Grobecker has taken over long-term clients from Reinhard Pöllath in this area. The entire team, which has also found a niche in advising mid-size, publicly listed stock corporations, has successfully bridged the generational change. Clients praise Mr. Grobecker as "very client-oriented, experienced and pragmatic". His colleague Michael Inhester has also achieved continued development from advising on venture capital to advising renowned technology companies. Along with Wolfgang Grobecker and Reinhard Pöllath, Mr. Inhester is also among the "frequently recommended attorneys" in the corporate sector.

The firm is commended for the successful broadening of its advisory areas, also demonstrated by the appointment of Wolfram Pätzold, who joined P+P's real estate law practice in 2011 and is a valuable asset to the firm. The new counsel Jens Linde of the Frankfurt office complements the firm's real estate law practice with his expertise in the area of financing. In addition to the leading partner Stefan Lebek („hands-on, kooperative, goal-oriented, competitor"), Carsten Führling and Matthias Durst („fighting spirit, client; competent and personable, competitor") are frequently recommended.

The fundamental changes in regulatory law also represent challenges for established law firms. P+P's team, which includes the leading partners Patricia Volhard and Andreas Rodin, has certainly succeeded in mastering these. The promotion of Philip Schwarz van Berk to partner is an indication that the firm is "working at full capacity"; he provides supervisory advice on the sales and marketing of private equity funds. Apart from Patricia Volhard and Andreas Rodin ("compelling, client on both"), Amos Veith and Uwe Bärenz (far-reaching investment law knowledge, problem-solving approaches, client") are frequently recommended lawyers.

Further, the firm is also strong in M&A; it is among the firms involved in advising on the largest deals in Germany. Its strengths lie in particular in portfolio acquisitions for private equity firms and good contacts with family companies. Frequently recommended attorneys include Matthias Bruse ("versatile with authoritative tax knowledge, competitor"), Andrea von Drygalski, Philipp von Braunschweig, Otto Haberstock ("experienced man of action, competitor"), Andreas Junius, Jan Wildberger, Georg Greitemann and counsel Marco Eickmann ("very competent and pragmatic, competitor"). Through the previously mentioned broadening in stock corporation and industrial group law, the M&A practice has acquired "a whole new dimension", also in relation to its client base, which increasingly includes strategic investors. P+P's status as an independent firm also facilitates and strengthens the development of good relationships with leading insolvency administrators.

P+P remains "an institution" in the market for private equity and venture capital in the areas of mid-cap and VC advice. The firm has "very good connections to the leading funds" and an "excellent reputation for advice to management and fund structuring". Matthias Bruse and Andrea von Drygalski ("professionally precise and very dedicated, competitor"), Otto Haberstock, Philipp von Braunschweig, Michael Inhester, Andreas Rodin for fund structuring, Benedikt Hohaus for advice to management and Christian Tönies („fair negotiation partner, competitor) are also frequently recommended in this practice area. The expansion in the area of financing in Frankfurt has led to professional growth in the advisory practice in both locations. The VC practice still resides in Munich and the Munich partners „are establishing a good reputation and carrying on the P+P tradition in this practice area".

The strong reputation and the "excellent relationships to private equity firms" also have positive influence on the tax advisory services. The strengths of this practice include tax advice on fund structuring, transaction tax know-how, especially in private equity, real estate, M&A, as well as on "excellent (inheritance) tax advice" on investments and large private fortunes. Berlin partner Dieter Birk is a "leading" advisor for litigation; he is considered "professionally precise and very dedicated". Other "frequently recommended" attorneys are Thomas Töben, Michael Best ("professional, personable, good network, client"), Wolfgang Tischbirek, Richard Engl, Andreas Rodin for funds und Reinhard Pöllath.

Mr. Pöllath and Andreas Richter are also leading advisors for company succession and trusts. Andreas Rodin, as well as Stephan Viskorf, Matthias Bruse and Wolfgang Grobecker are also „frequently recommended" attorneys in this practice area. Andreas Richter is regarded as the „informal head of practice" and the good network of various practice areas, as well as the decades-long relationships with the largest German fortunes and important family companies ensure that the firm is considered one of the leading partnerships for questions on company succession and trusts.