Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2017/2018

October 2017

33 P+P professionals listed, thereof 9 as leading
Juve Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2017 | 2018

The JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms is in its 20th year of publication and has become a reference source for law firms and attorneys in Germany. The editorial department works on a strictly independent basis and offers detailed information on almost 800 law firms.
In this year's edition, JUVE recommends 33 P+P professionals, thereof 9 partners are listed as "leading" and most advisors are listed in more than one practice area.

P+P's Munich office is a leading law firm with an "outstanding transactional practice" and is also leading in private equity advice, with Andrea von Drygalski as a leading private equity expert and Christian Tönies as a leading expert in venture capital. The firm is among the market leaders in the mid-cap segment, and in management advisory the firm is "quite clearly" in the "market leading position, with which it sets the standards for other law firms". The broad spectrum of advisory services, with fund structuring, buyouts, venture capital and also its advice to minor shareholders and management, make it one of the "most diversified practices in the market". Frequently recommended advisors are Matthias Bruse, Andrea von Drygalski, Otto Haberstock, Philipp von Braunschweig, Michael Inhester, Andreas Rodin, Benedikt Hohaus, Christian Tönies ("very cooperative and competent", "bedrock of the scene"), Frank Thiäner ("pragmatic and solution-oriented"), as well the senior associate Minkus Fischer("very pragmatic and promising").
Since private equity and M&A are traditionally closely linked at P+P, the advisors recommended for private equity also have a presence in M&A. The firm can thank the "enterprising" Frank Thiäner for its improved relationships with independent law firms abroad; it has thereby also succeeded in landing more transactions from these jurisdictions. Competitors characterize him as "professionally excellent" and he "conducts very deal-oriented negotiations". Further frequently recommended M&A advisors are Matthias Bruse, Andrea von Drygalski ("prompt reaction times, assertive"), Philipp von Braunschweig, Otto Haberstock, Georg Greitemann ("professionally excellent and very experienced"), Jens Hörmann and Michael Inhester („strong negotiator, entrepreneurial thinker, fast, intelligent, competent").
P+P has not only positioned itself in the traditionally strong fields; Wolfgang Grobecker and Eva Nase ensure increased market presence in corporate law, because following transactional advice, clients trust their expertise in resolving complex restructuring issues. Both partners have a "diverse practice" and a "strong reputation" in the market. Their good reputation in regard to the supervision of complex reorganization matters following a deal even yielded a transaction mandate, thus far an unthinkable constellation. In addition to Mr. Grobecker and Mrs. Nase, Matthias Bruse is also frequently recommended.
In addition to his advice in private equity, M&A and corporate law, Mr. Bruse is also well-known for his expertise in succession, private clients and foundations. The firm is also a leader in these practice areas and has fortified its position with the expansion of the Frankfurt office and inclusion of the ex-director of succession at PwC, Martin Liebernickel and Mareike Krämer, as well as by promoting Jens Steinmüller to partner. Andreas Richter ("outstanding colleague") and Reinhard Pöllath are known as leading experts in the market and Wolfgang Grobecker and Stephan Viskorf are frequently recommended.
Mr. Viskorf is also well known in tax law. Here, P+P is also in a market-leading position with the leading top experts Michael Best for tax planning and Dieter Birk for tax litigation. Juve praises the efforts that led to a successful ushering in of a new generation, because at the same time it accentuates the practice areas, e.g., in corporate tax law, one of the core areas for Frankfurt-based partner Pia Dorfmueller, or in the management advisory practice, where a "younger Munich-based partner [Barbara Koch-Schulte] is making a name for herself". The internal promotions of partners Jens Steinmüller and Nico Fischer also contribute to this positive development. In addition to Michael Best ("brilliant, creative, excellent transactional understanding"), Dieter Birk, Stephan Viskorf and Pia Dorfmueller ("outstanding M&A and tax attorney"), Alexander Pupeter, Hardy Fischer and Andreas Rodin are frequently recommended. Competitors also praise the firm for its "top-level achievement" at the interface of tax and funds.
One representative of this practice is Andreas Rodin; in addition to tax advice, he is recommended by clients as being "very quick" and "highly competent" for his expertise in investment funds and asset management. His colleagues Uwe Bärenz and Amos Veith (a "good negotiator") are frequently recommended. The entire team is "strong" in investor advisory and receives particular appreciation for its pioneering work in launching and structuring of funds for alternative asset classes.
Futhermore, the Berlin office is known for its "powerful" real estate practice. Stephan Lebek and Matthias Durst are leading experts and are highly esteemed within the market: According to a competitor, Stephan Lebek is "very competent and cooperative, goal-oriented, professional and pragmatic", Raphael Söhlke impresses clients with his "smooth and pleasant cooperation" and is also "competent and goal-oriented". Carsten Führling is also frequently recommended. The tight integration and effective cooperation between the tax, M&A and financing practices has resulted in successful development of attorney-client relationships.