JUVE Law Firm of the Year 2012

Juve is the leading publication in Germany for lawyers and their peers, which publishes inter alia the renowned annual 'JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien' and its English equivalent, 'JUVE German Commercial Law Firms'. On an annual basis, Juve presents awards to German law firms for excellence and exceptional competence in various practice areas. In October 2012, Juve presented P+P with awards for "Law firm of the Year 2012 for succession, asset management and foundations" and for "Law Firm of the Year 2012 - South".
JUVE 2012JUVE 2012

In addition, P+P is included in the 1st tier rankings for its performance in the areas of investment funds / asset management and fund structuring, succession, assets and foundations. Andreas Richter (succession, assets, foundations), Andreas Rodin (investment funds / asset management), Mattias Bruse (private equity), Thomas Töben (tax law), Dieter Birk (tax litigation) and Stefan Lebek (real estate law) are all considered leading attorneys in the listed areas. The firm also received top rankings in all other practice areas.
Intelligent expansion of the advisory areas allows even more synergistic relationships among the different practice areas, such as advice on successions and company law, which has been covered in much greater measure by the frequently recommended Wolfgang Grobecker. With his growing team, he has achieved a higher standard in this practice area and thereby gained recognition for the forecasted development of the firm. In the meantime, P+P has grown into an established entity in corporate law transactions. P+P has named as partners two of the most promising attorneys of the younger generation, succession advisor Stephan Viskorf and private equity-specialist Christian Tönies. The strengths of the firm lie especially in the close ties to the private equity sector and the strong tax law practice, including succession advice. P+P's Munich office is a leading firm that continues to expand, as demonstrated by the growing numbers of young professionals in the M&A and private equity practice areas.
The M&A practice area also greatly benefits from the interconnection with good contacts to family companies and the strong tax practice, so that contrary to the trend, P+P has great stability in its personnel and is able to handle larger deals as well. The new partner Jan Wildberger has proven to be a valuable addition to the firm. Other frequently recommended lawyers are Reinhard Pöllath, Matthias Bruse, Andrea von Drygalski ('precise and efficient, client'), Philipp von Braunschweig, Otto Haberstock ('very pragmatic, client'), Andreas Junius, Georg Greitemann ('effective cooperation, competitor').
Matthias Bruse is the leading attorney in the private equity practice and is indubitably the primary contact. In the venture capital area, Michael Inhester and Christian Tönies are the strongest younger partners. The firm impresses with its broad spectrum of fund structuring, buy-outs, venture capital, as well as its advice to minority shareholders and management. Frequently recommended attorneys are Matthias Bruse, who is a leader in this area ('very good and very nice colleague, competitor'), Andrea von Drygalski ('strong professional precision, competitor'), Otto Haberstock, Philipp von Braunschweig, Michael Inhester, Andreas Rodin, Benedikt Hohaus and Christian Tönies ('extremely well-connected, professionally outstanding, competitor').
P+P is also considered to be a leader in the area of investment fund and asset management, as well as fund structuring. Andreas Rodin and Patricia Volhard ('high quality, both excellent advisors, client'), as well as Amos Veith are frequently recommended. Patricia Volhard is involved as an expert in the development of AIFM regulations, which provides for a great deal of advisory business on special funds. Other strengths of the firm are the close ties to private equity firms and the broad foreign client base.
P+P owes its award for "Juve Law Firm of the Year for Succession / Assets / Foundations" to the leading and extremely active Berlin partner Andreas Richter, who enjoys an exceptional market position for (family) foundations and large individual family offices and is also considered by competitors to be "professionally very adept, an aficionado of foundation law". The knowledgeable stock corporation attorney Wolfgang Grobecker has also significantly strengthened the corporate and stock corporation law advisement of large family companies, alongside the veteran star Matthias Bruse. The young partner Stephan Viskorf has also played a role; he has developed into an important advisor of large family companies on succession structures. Other frequently recommended attorneys are Reinhard Pöllath, who is one of the best connected attorneys with prominent family companies; along with Frankfurt partner Andreas Rodin, he has made P+P into one of the leading firms for asset / succession / foundation issues.
In real estate business, Stefan Lebek ('one of the best in his practice area, very qualified, competitor'), Carsten Führling and Dr. Matthias Durst ('qualified and congenial negotiation partner, competitor') are all frequently recommended. In Munich, Wolfram Pätzold has solidified the foundation with his client relationships.
The tax law practice supports and rounds out all other areas of expertise of the firm. Thus, the strengths of the firm lie in fund structuring, transaction tax expertise, private equity, real estate, M&A, as well as high-profile (inheritance) tax advisement for investments and projects of large private assets. The leading attorney Thomas Töben, Reinhard Pöllath, Andreas Rodin, Michael Best ('good at transactions, client'), Wolfgang Tischbirek, Richard Engl and also the leading attorney Prof. Dr. Dieter Birk ('highly respected, competitor') are all frequently recommended. The latter also demonstrates the presence of the firm in the areas of tax defense and tax dispute with exemplary legal cases in the German Fiscal Court and constitutional cases that affect the public.