WHO'S WHO LEGAL 2009 Edition - The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers

All lawyers listed in this publication are leaders in their field.
Ten P+P partners are represented in six practice areas; in corporate tax and private equity they are also on the list of "most highly regarded individuals".
In particular, P+P truly dominates the tax field: Reinhard Pöllath is listed as one of the "most highly regarded individuals" with the accompanying commentary: "P+P has the strongest contingent in the country, with a team of five making the final publication…Reinhard Pöllath is a 'leading' practitioner and 'very well known' …. Thomas Töben is renowned for his advice 'on the restructuring and reorganising of businesses and partnerships, M&A transactions, taxation of real property investments, cross-border leasing and the privatisation of state-owned companies'. Richard Engl, in Munich, whose specialisation in restructuring was noted on a number of occasions, does a great deal of post-acquisition reorganisation for national and international clients. Wolfgang Tischbirek in Frankfurt is especially knowledgeable when it comes to real estate investments and transactions and the tax aspects of asset management and estate planning. He is also 'an expert' in tax planning for both domestic and foreign investors and in the structuring of cross-border acquisitions and reorganisations. Andreas Rodin, a 'prolific speaker and author', joins Pöllath as 'a big name' in the market' - not only in tax, but also in the field of private equity. Andreas is "truly excellent" and belongs among the "most highly regarded individuals", joined by his 'superb colleagues' Matthias Bruse and Patricia Volhard.
Margot von Westerholt (Munich) is listed in the field of Internet & E-Commerce, while the Berlin office glows with P+P partner Amos Veith, who is renowned for his expertise in project finance, as is Stefan Lebek for his real estate practice.
In M&A, Reinhard Pöllath and Matthias Bruse "were also consistently recommended to researchers".