WHO'S WHO LEGAL, Germany 2012

For the first time, the highly respected international guide that is the official research partner of The International Bar Association (IBA) has published a German edition with the leading experts in more than 30 jurisdictions. P+P is represented with 11 partners, of whom the following partners excelled in various practice areas: Matthias Bruse, Michael Best, Reinhard Pöllath and Andreas Rodin.

In the practice area corporate governance, Reinhard Pöllath is a "big name in German corporate law … and hugely knowledgeable in this sector", as is the case for his tax expertise, for which he is known as an "industry force with over 30 years experience where he has assisted in structuring and reviewing more than 100 private equity funds." Also recommended as a "recognized industry expert" is his "excellent" colleague Richard Engl, as well as Thomas Töben, who is known for his debt restructuring and refinancing expertise. Andreas Rodin is "brilliant for private equity work, as is Michael Best", who is especially known for his advice on the structural tax aspects of private equity funds. Frankfurt partner Wolfgang Tischbirek is "admired for the breadth of his practice".
In the M&A sector, again, Reinhard Pöllath is "legendary" and a "renowned industry specialist". He is joined by the "outstanding" Matthias Bruse, who is "lauded for his technical ability".
P+P also excels in the private funds area as "one of the best firms in Germany for this work" with Patricia Volhard, Andreas Rodin, Michael Best and Amos Veith as distinguished experts in this field.
In real estate, P+P partner Stefan Lebek is "very highly regarded", as is his Munich colleague Wolfram Pätzold, who was "repeatedly mentioned to researchers for work in complex real estate transactions".