Who’s Who Legal Germany 2019

December 2018

16 P+P professionals listed, of whom 3 as "Most Highly Regarded"

In the current edition of 'Who's Who Legal Germany' guide, 16 P+P professionals are listed among the best experts in their respective areas of expertise, of whom Andreas Richter, Peter Bujotzek und Andreas Rodin excel as "Most Highly Regarded Individuals".
In the investment management area, P+P remains "an incredibly strong player in the field", with six practitioners recognized for their expertise including Peter Bujotzek and Andreas Rodin as "Most Highly Regarded".
Peter Bujotzek is a specialist in private equity fund formations and "stands out for his deep understanding of the tax and regulatory regimes affecting investment matters". Andreas Rodin is commended for his "outstanding work advising clients on investment issues that touch on asset management, global fund investments and alternative investments". Also Tarek Mardini is a "standout practitioner", recognized for "his first-class advisory work" on matters that include venture capital fund formations, private investment funds and fund governance. Another P+P partner and expert, Uwe Bärenz is widely regarded by peers to be a regulatory specialist who "provides top-tier investment advice that spans a range of matters". His colleague Amos Veith "provides high-quality advice" to clients with a particular focus on matters relating to private equity. He impresses sources with his "comprehensive knowledge of the area". In addition, Michael Best is a "widely respected name in the German market," who is highlighted for "his superb work on the intersection between tax and investment issues". Frankfurt partner Pia Dorfmueller is also mentioned for her corporate tax counsel.
In the M&A sector, P+P is included with five top experts: Otto Haberstock stands out as a "strong name" in the German market for his vast experience advising on sophisticated M&A transactions. His colleague Jens Hörmann is an "esteemed M&A lawyer who impresses clients with his pragmatic and commercial approach" and "ability to build strong relationships with the counterparts, which is a real asset in negotiations". Wolfgang Grobecker receives praise from peers as a "skilful M&A lawyer to whom they wouldn't hesitate to refer work". Eva Nase enjoys an "excellent reputation for her vast knowledge of corporate M&A matters and is regularly engaged to advise on major public and joint venture transactions". Matthias Bruse is also highlighted as "a very strong M&A lawyer who is great to work with on high-stakes deals".
Matthias Bruse is also listed for his private client expertise. He "boasts extensive experience in private client issues and is recognized for his excellent work on matters relating to wealth and asset management". P+P is seen as a prominent firm in the German market with Andreas Richter as one of two "Most Highly Regarded" expert. He is a "leading expert in private client matters who draws praise for his strong expertise in the field". He is highlighted as "the man for private client issues". Munich partner Stephan Viskorf is "highly regarded for his vast experience in the private client space, where he delivers first-rate counsel to clients on taxation, asset management and business succession matters". 
In the real estate sector, P+P is also listed with three top experts: Matthias Durst gains praise from peers, who describe him as "excellent and a very tough practitioner". He has over 20 years of experience in portfolio transactions and joint venture projects in the real estate sector. Stefan Lebek draws praise from peers and clients alike, who note that he is "a standout name" and is "ideal for real estate transactions of any kind". Carsten Führling is a widely recognized name in the market who stands out for his excellent real estate construction work.