The 'Münchner Unternehmenssteuerforum' (a Munich-based business taxation panel) devotes itself to the promotion of tax law, especially by organizing round table discussions on scientific tax issues with judges, representatives of both the financial administration and science as well as with highly experienced lawyers and tax advisors working in the German industry.

Hence, the association repeatedly extends invitations during the year for discussions on current issues regarding corporate tax law. Following one or two introducing speeches, judges as well as representatives of the financial administration and science exchange their different views on the reported topics. In this panel discussion the participation of members in the auditorium is explicitly welcome.

This event's purpose is to help understanding the varying opinions and backgrounds of the members by an in-depth demonstration and discussion of such different views.

The registered association Münchner Unternehmensforum e.V. was established in October 2009. The founding members include judges at the German Federal Court, representatives of the financial administration and industry. Prof. Georg Crezelius (University of Bamberg/Erlangen, Germany), Mr. Volker Freund (Senior Legal Secretary of the Bavarian Ministry of Finance) as well as Mr. Hermann-Ulrich Viskorf (vice president of the German Federal Tax Court) form the executive board.

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