P+P specializes entirely in certain narrowly focused fields of legal and tax advice in which we are experienced, know and shape the state-of-the-art practice (Practice Areas). We believe that four parameters are key in our approach:


P+P professionals concentrate on very few areas and are therefore at the top of their fields of expertise. Many are ranked among the top lawyers and tax advisors in professional listings of national and international surveys (Rankings). P+P advises its clients and also renders second opinions and advice to other lawyers and tax advisors. P+P professionals publish and teach extensively for business, professional and academic audiences (Publications and Conferences).


Clients deserve more than keen legal or tax analysis. They can expect clear and well-founded recommendations. P+P strives to provide pragmatic advice rather than lengthy memos which leave the work to the client. We don't prejudice our clients' decisions, but we do have an opinion on what the decision should be from a professional point of view. Our clients provide us with a realm of complex cases which enable us to say what is the state-of-the-art or an appropriate practice. We know the most recent developments in our practice areas so that we can better counsel for or against a particular course of action.


P+P is not affiliated with any other firm or group, but freely cooperates with leading experts in other firms or local counsels in other jurisdictions. P+P is not a member of any formalized (international) networks, but enjoys a wide circle of professional friends and colleagues who we know are top-ranked in their individual fields and/or jurisdictions. We have nothing to "cross-sell", so we speak our minds.

Full Service

P+P provides services only in specialized areas of expertise, but here we provide full service. This includes 24 hours / 7 days a week office support, assistance in organizing a family office, providing book- or record-keeping services, running a "beauty contest" for a client, finding or out-placing executives, etc. According to clients' preferences, we also function as a one-stop shop for any transaction on which we advise by organizing (and in-sourcing) any state-of-the-art professional advice that we can not offer ourselves in any relevant jurisdiction.