We are all doing quite well here, in this country, even at this time. We focus on money, the efficient use of capital and our own professional and financial success and freedom. This involves learning something about financial discipline and related virtues, as well as developing lawyerly talents. We try to use this success and these talents for the benefit of others, and thereby manifest our gratitude by pursuing the following projects:

UP Micro-Loans

The foundation Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (Help to Help Themselves), established as a charitable foundation in 2000, has focused since its inception on its microfinance program UP (Unlimiting People). Within the scope of this program, the foundation supports and supervises the granting of microloans in collaboration with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Up to this point, the foundation Help to Help Themselves has supported 66 projects in 17 countries, primarily in rural areas in Southeast Asia. The foundation has contributed to the improvement in the living standards of approximately 13,500 people who live in poverty by providing microloans for sustainable investments such as livestock breeding, agricultural cultivation or establishing small businesses. The recipients of these microloans, mostly women and families, often have no access to normal banking services.
In the course of the foundation's history, charitable aid projects have also been included in the scope of the foundation. Here also, in accordance with the name of the foundation, „Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" (Help to Help Themselves) remains the primary objective, e.g. by supporting educational projects.
The foundation, which administers millions of Euros, realizes its goals together with partners on-site such as Terre des Hommes and Menschen für Menschen u.v.a.m. (People for People). The recipient countries include Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Montenegro, Pakistan, Romania, India, Thailand and Vietnam.
P+P supports the foundation Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (Help to Help Themselves) by providing offices, infrastructure and contacts. In addition, P+P also provides financial resources for foundation projects.

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Max Planck Foundation (MPF)

The Max-Planck Foundation (MPF) supports innovative research in Germany for the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG), the worldwide leading establishment for fundamental research with over 80 domestic and foreign institutes. The scientists supported by the MPF consistently achieve distinguished research results. Today and in the future, the MPG is and shall be in the position to contribute to urgently needed innovations and thereby to the protection of enterprises in Germany. Cutting edge research requires private supporters, who are prepared to make financial commitments to fundamental research. In this way, supporters open up new perspectives beyond all current frontiers. Many private sponsors support this charitable foundation nationwide. Its goal is to provide financial resources for cutting edge research that are both flexible and readily available. This approach allows the education of young scientists, promotes excellence and the elite, and wins over the very best researchers in order to ensure the international competitiveness of the MPG. The foundation is one of the largest private scientific research foundations in Germany.

The monthly newsletter of the MPF reports on current projects and planned enterprises.

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Foundation ex oriente

The foundation ex oriente supports the international relationships between Germany – in particular Munich and Bavaria – and Eastern Europe, as well as East Asia, especially China. Its focus is to convey language and culture as the basis for intercultural communication.
The foundation has succeeded in integrating Chinese as a foreign language into the school curricula; in Bavaria, Chinese has even been approved as a compulsory elective subject for Abitur (A-levels or high school graduation). Ex oriente also organizes school partnerships between Germany and China and arranges student exchange programs every year.
Each second Friday of the month, ex oriente has a jour fixe that takes place in the P+P offices. The foundation offers a platform for general discussion and exchange in connection with lectures on history and culture, science, art or economic matters. Musicians and other artists also have the opportunity to present themselves here to a broader audience.
The Konfuzius Institut München (Confucius Institute Munich), the Chinese language and culture institute of the foundation, (www.konfuzius-muenchen.de), is affiliated with the Chinese Ministry for Education (Hanban). The Institute is also recognized as a certified examination center for the Chinese proficiency or HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) test. The HSK test is a standardized Chinese language examination for Chinese as a foreign language, comparable to the German TestDaF and the English TOEFL.

P+P supports the foundation by providing offices, rooms for events and seminars, infrastructure and exhibition spaces.

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