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Redistributing the Global Tax Pie and Minimum Taxation: Nothing Less than a New World Tax Order?

Original: “Die Neuverteilung des globalen Steuerkuchens und Mindestbesteuerung: Nichts weniger als eine neue Weltsteuerordnung? - Die Umsetzung des 2-Säulen-Ansatzes der OECD ist zum Greifen nah”

A new world tax order - nothing less than that is being pursued with the implementation of the OECD’s two-pillar approach. The background to this is action point 1 of the so-called BEPS project, with which the G20 and the OECD have set themselves the goal of meeting the tax challenges of digitization. As has since become apparent, it is more than that. On the one hand, for very large groups of companies (global sales > EUR 20 billion), a formulaic redistribution of so-called excess profits is also to be allocated to market states in order to place part of the tax pie there (pillar 1). On the other hand, a global effective minimum taxation is to be introduced for large companies (global sales > EUR 750 million) (pillar 2). What does this mean in concrete terms? 

in: RiW Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft, 10/2021, October 4, 2021, Die Erste Seite
Authors: Dr. Marco Ottenwälder