For over 20 years, the attorneys and tax advisors at P+P Pöllath + Partners have successfully advised on many national and international M&A transactions. The firm offers comprehensive expertise in legal counsel and optimal tax structuring advice on company acquisitions and sales.

Our advisory services include, in particular:

  • Company acquisitions/sales and structuring
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Private equity transactions
  • Advice to management teams / management participation programs
  • Venture capital investments
  • Distressed M&A / restructuring measures
  • Antitrust and merger control
  • Pre- and post-closing litigation / transaction-related arbitration

Our close cooperation with our clients enables us to look at each deal from every point of view. Transactional work involves advising on reorientation. We understand all aspects of the challenges any business and the people involved (whether owners, management or customers) encounter and comprehensively advise our clients on such changes in orientation.

Transaction management involves more than just advice
P+P supervises entrepreneurs, companies, financial investors, strategic investors and all others involved in the sale of a company and advises on all legal and tax aspects during the entire transaction. This includes advice on the implementation of measures regarding reorganization prior to the sale (such as deconsolidation) and after the purchase (such as a merger), as well as the execution and management of due diligence and the subsequent contract negotiations. P+P advises financial and strategic investors on the acquisition of companies or divisions of companies. We understand the risks and challenges involved in such transactions and are intent on maintaining transparency in these proceedings and take appropriate measures to appropriately manage the risks.

Management participation programs
P+P comprehensively advises management teams during the acquisition of „their" company. We have comprehensive and detailed expertise in dealing with fiduciary duties, potential conflicts of interest and all other aspects, with which the management might typically be confronted in the course of a transaction. We also advise management teams on the structuring and implementation of their co-investments related to primary or secondary private equity transactions and determine and implement the respective optimal course of action.

Insolvency / Reorganization / Restructuring
P+P advises companies, their shareholders and other stakeholders in crisis and in cases of insolvency. In addition to legal restructuring, reorganization and insolvency advice, P+P offers specialized advice on distressed M&A. By utilizing the connections between insolvency and transaction-related legal expertise, we can efficiently confront the particular challenges of distressed M&A cases.

Antitrust and merger control
We represent clients in merger control proceedings before the German Federal Cartel Office and the European Commission on a regular basis and coordinate such proceedings worldwide. P+P advises on all antitrust aspects that may arise in the context of M&A transactions, as well as on other antitrust issues.

Conflict management
Transactions have a great potential for conflict. P+P has outstanding proficiency in settling disputes. We advise on complex and challenging disputes in the areas of M&A (pre- and post-closing disputes, guarantee cases, purchase price adjustments), corporate law and general commercial law. In the process of negotiating transactions, we contribute expertise, discernment and vision in order to avoid conflict.