In all commercial activities, the development of beneficial tax strategies and solutions is one of the key factors that determine the success or failure of an investment.

More than half of our partners and associates specialize in tax law implications in the firm's primary areas of expertise, transactions and asset management, or as all-around experts are also conversant with all tax aspects of their specialties.

Our tax services include:

  • Structuring of national and international company sales, acquisitions and the resulting reorganisations, including tax due diligence, international transaction advice and acquisition financing
  • Corporate tax planning and structuring of German investments abroad and foreign investments in Germany, including holding company structures, joint ventures or similar arrangements and reorganizations
  • Application and interpretation of double taxation treaties
  • Structuring of investment funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, special funds, fund of funds
  • Creation of innovative, tax-enhanced private equity (buyout) structures
  • Tax advice on real estate transactions of domestic and foreign investors
  • Tax planning of the structuring and management of high net worth individuals' portfolio of assets, including the consequences of relocation or multiple domiciles
  • Structuring of global private business, succession planning, trusts and foundations
  • Support on tax audits, tax-related arbitration and extrajudicial legal remedies, litigation in the local tax courts, the Federal Tax Court, the Federal Constitutional Court, as well as the European Court of Justice