Berliner Abendgespräche

Since 2008, POELLATH has hosted the “Berliner Abendgespräche”. With these lectures and discussions, we want to explain socio-political topics to our employees and clients and stimulate further discussion.

Our past speakers include Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, Annetta Kahane, Seyran Ateş, Gesine Schwan, Klaus Töpfer and Rupert Neudeck.

POELLATH sees this series of events as part of our various non-profit activities. Therefore, the speakers do not receive a fee. Instead, POELLATH makes a donation to a non-profit foundation or initiative, which the lecturer is free to choose. 

We are looking forward to restarting our event series in 2022, as soon as it is possible to hold indoor events without major restrictions

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