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Ready to Rise? Whether you’re a young professional at the start of your career, an experienced advisor or a back-office employee. POELLATH is constantly looking for talents and ambitious employees to strengthen our team.

We offer a top training program in a culturally diverse environment, equal opportunities, good promotion prospects, flexible working hours and an above-average salary. In our market-leading, international business and tax law firm, entrepreneurship and partnership are practiced just as much as commitment and sustainability.

Take a step to becoming a successful business lawyer / tax advisor and optimize your talents. Working at POELLATH will be a challenging but rewarding next step in your career.


POELLATH is shaped by our employees. We are all unique, but have the same values and like to work within a team. We strive for professional and humane excellence, show team spirit and passion for our work. We live a friendly, open-minded and cooperative working environment. This kind of cooperation defines us and forms a friendly working basis that goes beyond the daily collective lunch. Business in good company! Cultural diversity, integration and equal opportunities are matters of principle for us. Equality and Diversity!


We do not advise in all areas, but always in the high-end sector. The quality of our work is not only reflected in our ability to grasp legal issues. Rather, clients appreciate our economic solutions based on sound legal and tax advice. This makes our work complex, but at the same time very versatile. For economic success and the best work product, we are always on hand.

We do not advise in all areas, but always in the high-end sector.

Team spirit

Our work is demanding and often time-consuming. This makes it all the more important to act as a team, to divide work within the team and to work hand in hand. We work in agile teams. Our experts are well-connected and supervise projects together. With us you will be integrated immediately and learn on-the-job. Your team will support you with help and advice, but will give you the necessary personal freedom. We strengthen our team spirit at joint team events, sporting events, celebrations and trips. We maintain a friendly and not just a collegial relationship with each other.

We maintain a friendly and not just collegial relationship with each other.


Excellence and passion are flip sides of the same coin. We work passionately and are interested in economic connections and our own entrepreneurship. Our remuneration systems ensure that the passion for the job pays off. At the same time, POELLATH supports our employees in matters that go beyond the professional framework. POELLATH beyond!

We work passionately - POELLATH Beyond!
Collage Berufsträgerinnen POELLATH

Career for Women

POELLATH stands for equality. That is why we promote the ongoing development of our employees, advisors and leaders. We pay attention to a balanced structure of our teams. For us, promotion is based on professional aptitude and not on gender. If necessary, we create flexible working conditions together to find a solution for every challenge in life. Compared to other law firms, our partnership has an above-average quota of female employees. With initiatives such as Ladies Lunch and Ladies Day, we are working to improve this quota even further. With initiatives such as Venture Ladies, individual female employees make a special contribution to the advancement of female professionals.


Diversity & Inclusion

We all learn from each other. The way we deal with each other at POELLATH reflects who we are and what we stand for. Equal values and diversity are not contradictory. Our workplace is inclusive and everyone is treated with respect. This includes an open, supportive and positive environment. Origin, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and individual limitations are enriching for us. Hate and discrimination are do not have any place in our partnership.

We have compiled our values and the most important aspects of our work together - from respect, tolerance and commitment to excellence, service and support to health and environmental protection - in a Code of Conduct as the basis for our actions in the POELLATH team.


POELLATH stands for market-leading expertise in high-end transactions and asset management. Here we offer multidisciplinary legal and tax advice in areas that are rarely part of a university education. You need good legal craftsmanship, the desire to try your hand at something and demand excellence of yourself. If this is the case, you are in the right place with us. We support the skills you have already acquired and give you the finishing touches with our individual training program. Interested?

Your Skills

Ihre Skills
  • Expertise - Above-average performance on both exams is the foundation of your professional expertise. A doctorate and a master’s degree are not prerequisites, but are welcome.
  • Outstanding language skills - A large part of our work takes place in an international market environment. Comprehensive knowledge of English is therefore desirable.
  • Personality - There is no typical POELLATH professional. Rather, we look for:
    Interesting personalities | team players | communication talents | energetic | motivated | committed | people with determination
  • Personal excellence - We value a level-headed approach to each other and in relation to the outside world. Our clients appreciate our sporting ambition and our pusuit of excellence, as well as our sound judgment and prudence. Our standard is to give our best every day and to act in an exemplary manner.

Our Offers

Unsere Angebote
  • Top training opportunity - Our new recruits learn on-the-job. We encourage our employees to take part in professional training and continuing education programs. In the first three years of their careers, each advisor is expected to complete 600 hours of continuing training. There are many opportunities to do so.
  • Master’s degree - For continuing education through our practice-oriented postgraduate programs (LL.M./ EMBA) at the University of Münster. Wanderlust: Master’s programs abroad are also welcome. We will support you from establishing contacts with international universities to letters of recommendation and individualized working schedule agreements.
  • Practical insights - Many of our advisors do secondments in other law firms or in companies of our clients. You will gain valuable insights into companies or establish contacts with friendly law firms.
  • Non-legal skills - In our four-year Non-legal Skills Program, you will learn everything that is required of you in addition to professional excellence. Project management, presentation techniques, negotiations with clients, self-management, leadership techniques, business development and the evolution of entrepreneurial skills, as well as the development of social competence – all these things make you an excellent advisor.
  • Personal exchange - We learn from each other. In our internal mentoring program you will receive individualized feedback and will be introduced to our daily work routine by experienced colleagues. Meetings with all offices, training sessions and events, such as the annual training weekend and monthly jour fixes. Each event offers plenty of opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues at every career level. We see ourselves as a team where knowledge and experience are shared.

We work hard! Excellent service for our clients is our focus. That makes some work days long. Nevertheless, we do not want to throw your life out of balance. Whether you want to start a family, play your favorite sport regularly or travel around the world: Your career at POELLATH makes it possible.



No either/or: With us, career and family are compatible. Supported by POELLATH? Sure! In addition to our cooperation with bilingual kindergartens and elementary schools, we offer many flexible work solutions. What if the kindergarten is closed but the client wants to see you? In case of an emergency, our cooks are also happy about active support from little helpers. Valuable tips for healthy eating are also included. For children, we regularly organize events like children’s Christmas parties or creative workshops.



Flexible working hours. Part-time work. Parental leave for mothers and fathers. Sabbaticals. We live with these concepts. POELLATH offers a solution for every life situation. Home office? Work on the road? The 40-hour week? In agreement with your team, everything is possible. POELLATH provides the technical infrastructure.



Mindfulness - perceiving the here and now more consciously: It leads to inner peace, reduces stress and makes us more satisfied. We care about the health of each individual. That is why we offer regular mindfulness workshops and various sports courses, such as yoga or jogging groups. Mindfulness also includes our gratis, healthy and sustainable all-around catering. Our cooks and trainers are among the best in their professions and take care of your health.


Colleagues and mentors at the top of their fields. Exciting mandates. Contact with interesting people and companies. Teamwork. New challenges every day. Flat hierarchies. Open-door policy. Gratis meals. This could also become your life.

At POELLATH you will find a number of career opportunities. Whether you respond to a specific job advertisement or on your own initiative. We are always looking for new, excellent and committed employees to expand our team.

Internship, research assistantship & traineeship

Interns, research assistants and trainee lawyers also work with us on-the-job. You work in small teams with permanently assigned partners and mentors. Gratis meals and participation in most of the training programs are at your disposal.


Are you interested in an administrative job in a successful law firm? Working on our team has many facets. Whether as an assistant, IT administrator or service assistant, we are always looking for committed employees with a great deal of initiative. Become a full-fledged member of our team.

Experience reports

Laura Baaske_sitzend

Specialists or generalists? We can be both - thanks to a strong team!

Laura Baaske

Senior Associate, Private Funds, Berlin


At POELLATH counts: Career through cooperation instead of against each other

Raphael Baumgartner

Senior Associate, Tax Law, Munich

“Outstanding working conditions and always a sympathetic ear”
azur 100 - Top-Arbeitgeber 2021
“Lots of freedom for self-development, independent acquisition goals and the opportunity to test yourself”
azur 100 - Top-Arbeitgeber 2021
“Actively promoting home office by providing high-end IT hardware”
azur 100 - Top-Arbeitgeber 2021


Berlin (private clients/tax law, private funds, real estate), Munich (private clients/tax law, M&A, venture capital), Frankfurt (private clients/tax law)

Legal Recruiting

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Human Resources Management

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