June 2021 · Insight

Fund Management 2021: Chapter Germany

Learn more about the pertinent aspects of regulatory and tax laws concerning fund management, fund managers and those marketing funds in Germany.
The article will discuss, among other questions, the following points:

Regulatory framework and authorities
How is fund management regulated in Germany? Which authorities have primary responsibility for regulating funds, fund managers and those marketing funds?

Fund manager regulation
What is the authorization or licensing process for funds? What are the key requirements that apply to managers and operators of investment funds in Germany?

Fund marketing
Which rules are applicable to market fund interests to German investors? How can non-EU and EU funds be marketed to German institutional investors and retail investors be marketed to? What are the requirements for onboarding semi-professional investors?

German taxation of funds and fund investors
What are the main tax rules applicable to funds and fund investors under German tax laws?

Update and developments
What are the latest developments and hot topics in Germany for fund management?

in: Fund Management 2021, Lexology | Getting the Deal through, Law Business Research, June 2021, 20-29
Authors: Tarek Mardini, Dr. Sebastian K├Ąpplinger
  • Private Funds
    • Fund Structuring
    • Fund Regulatory Law
    • Fund Tax Law
    • Fund Economics
    • Fund Compliance
    • Fund Terms
    • Marketing Rules