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azur 100 - POELLATH is one of the TOP 15 employers

Every year, the azur editorial team researches 100 top employers with good career prospects for young lawyers. These primarily include commercial law firms, companies, public authorities or consulting firms that are active in business law or business-related areas. The publication is part of JUVE Verlag, which focuses on the topics of training and careers for young lawyers. The editorial team of azur 100 attaches importance to the fact that it sees itself exclusively as an information medium for future commercial lawyers, not as a mouthpiece for employers.

POELLATH is one of the TOP 15 employers according to this evaluation.

The firm scored 5 out of 5 stars for associate training and 4 stars for law clerk training, associate satisfaction and salary.

The firm’s crisis management in the time of Covid was consistently highly praised: from the “very positive communication”, flexibility in terms of time, as well as for constant upgrades to the IT offering. In addition to the office laptop and smartphone, there was also an iPad. The associates are particularly impressed by the “great deal of freedom for personal development, independent acquisition goals and the opportunity to try things out”. They also attested to POELLATH’s “outstanding working conditions and [the fact that there is] always an open ear”. The “active promotion of the home office by issuing high-end IT hardware” was also well received.

In addition, POELLATH scores with its intensive continuing education program – 600 hours in the first three years as a professional, supervision of senior associates by mentors to promote partner prospects, as well as close contacts to the University of Muenster and the EBS Law School and the continuing education programs offered there.

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