Prof. Dr. Dieter Birk (†30.05.2021)

POELLATH mourns the death of its founding partner, Prof. Dr. Dieter Birk. Dieter Birk played a very significant role in the development of the law firm from the very beginning. With his proven professional excellence, particularly in tax matters, he was pivotal to the firm, shaping and constantly developing both the professional internal training and continuing education of our professionals. Dieter Birk was also instrumental in POELLATH’s long-standing and close cooperation with Westphalian Wilhelms University in Muenster. Last but not least, he was also the initiator of our “Berlin Evening Talks” (Berliner Abendgespräche), a series of events that consistently looks beyond the legal horizon addressing current social topics.

Dieter Birk passed away on May 30, 2021 after a long illness. We commemorate our longtime companion, significant contributor to our law firm, professional and personal mentor and friend. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his wife, his children and his entire family.

Dieter Birk_Porträt
  • Founding partner of POELLATH in 1997
  • Professor and Director of the Institute of Tax Law at Muenster University (1982-2011)
  • Part-time judge at the Tax Court Muenster (1985-1997), research fellowships in the USA (1990), Great Britain (1994-1995), France (1999) and Japan (2000)
  • Admitted as tax advisor in 1998, admitted to bar in 2013
  • Studied in Tuebingen, Munich and Regensburg