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POELLATH FLEX - Full flexibilization of work arrangements

In the future, POELLATH professionals will have maximum flexibility in arranging their working hours and choosing their place of work.

POELLATH has decided to take a pivotal step in the context of the current home office issue: The firm would like to bring some of the positive developments of the past year into the future and offer its professionals maximum flexibility in their work arrangements in the future. In taking this step, POELLATH is paving the way to a modern and sustainable working environment and accommodating the desire for flexibility.

The partnership has developed two different models for this purpose. Both are intended to apply in the period after the Corona pandemic to all professional employees who have been employed at POELLATH for at least two years. In the future, they can choose one of the following two models:

Model 1 - Flexible model:

Professionals are entirely free to choose their place of work and exact working hours, provided that they meet all operational requirements in doing so. There is no upper limit for out-of-office or home-office days. Necessary attendance, for example for client appointments, shall be coordinated with the responsible partner. 

However, working in a home office is certainly not obligatory; office work can be requested at any time for individual days or for longer periods using a modern shared-desk model. All those present on-site always have a flexible, fully-equipped workstation at their disposal - individual offices no longer exist in this model.

Model 2 - Office model:

For those who prefer to work primarily in the office, Model 2 is available. This essentially corresponds to our working practice up until the pandemic. This means that professionals generally work in their own fixed office within the law firm. Occasional work in a home office or outside the office remains possible, of course, as was the case in the past, but in each case this is done in consultation with the respective team.

The new flex model is accompanied by top-of-the-line IT equipment, which our professionals have been using for several years. All colleagues have access to laptops, iPads, smartphones, monitors, softphone solutions and other high-end equipment (such as dictation software) to conveniently work outside the office. High-speed remote access and comprehensive IT support even at home complement this model.

Amos Veith, POELLATH management board member, says of the new arrangement: “We are very pleased about this decisive step towards more flexibility and modernity and are also very optimistic about its practical implementation. Over the past year, we have amassed consistently positive experiences with our colleagues’ work in the home office and therefore want to fulfill our professionals’ wish for a great deal of flexibility after the pandemic.”

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