Dr. Verena Staats

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Verena is an expert in non-profit and donation law, as well as in impact investing, transparency law and art law for domestic and foreign foundations and non-profit organizations. Thanks to her many years of experience in the management of the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen e.V. (Federal Association of German Foundations), she has an excellent network in the non-profit sector. Verena is co-editor of the Journal for the Law of Non-Profit Organizations (npoR). In addition, she is a volunteer member of the board of the foundation “Walter Breitenstein Stiftung – Kinder ohne Eltern”.



  • Joined POELLATH in 2019
  • Head of inhouse-counsel and member of the management board of the German Association of Foundations in Berlin (Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen e.V.) (2009-2019)
  • Admitted to bar in 2007
  • Inhouse counsel at a German Internet Service Provider in Berlin (2006-2008)
  • Academic assistant of the Institute for Public Law, European Union and Public International Law at University Rostock (2002-2004)
  • Studied law at Universities of Kiel, Berlin and Rostock (Ph.D. 2010)
German, English
Dr. Verena Staats
Senior Associate
Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
verena.staats@pplaw.com +49 (30) 25353-132 +49 (30) 25353-999
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