Dr. Jens Steinmüller, LL.M.

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Jens is a partner at POELLATH and has many years of experience in advising institutional investors and fund managers. He offers comprehensive civil, regulatory and tax law advice in connection with investment funds, as well as advice on tailor-made investment solutions and supervision of fund investments. His focus is on the special regulatory and tax requirements of individual investor groups (insurance companies, pension funds, pension schemes, banks). Jens regularly publishes articles on current developments in relevant specialist publications and also shares his experience as a speaker at professional conferences.



  • Joined POELLATH in 2006
  • Adjunct lecturer at the EBS Finanzakademie, Oestrich-Winkel
  • Admitted to bar in 2006
  • Studied law in Muenster/Westphalia (Ph.D. 2005) and Boston (Boston University School of Law; LL.M. 2003)
German, English
“knows what he’s talking about”
Market Commentator
“positioned in the market for investment tax”
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“pragmatic and thorough”
Dr. Jens Steinmüller, LL.M. (Boston)
Attorney-at-Law (Germany)
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