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JUVE Handbuch Steuerrecht 2021

The current edition of the JUVE Tax Handbook (JUVE Handbuch Steuerrecht) lists 163 tax advisory firms. For this purpose, JUVE evaluated 690 questionnaires and conducted more than 3,200 interviews with advisors, clients and representatives of the authorities.

POELLATH is represented by an impressive 14 top experts in tax law, of which six advisors are listed as “leading” in their fields. Michael Best is “frequently recommended” for both his competence in fund structuring and his expertise in transactional tax.

The firm receives a top-tier ranking for succession and wealth management for wealthy private clients and non-profit institutions with Andreas Richter and Reinhard Pöllath as “leading names”. POELLATH is one of the “absolute top dogs” and has “the most highly regarded reputation in the market” among wealthy families, companies and private individuals. The fact that the firm is at the top of the market is due to the “professional excellence” of the “highly renowned partners” Andreas Richter (“extremely competent advisor”) and Stephan Viskorf. The firm provides “all kinds of tax and civil law advisory services” to clients who are worth millions and sometimes billions and often have an international presence. This includes topics such as exit and immigration taxation, asset structuring and inheritance regulations, as well as close cooperation with the corporate law practice. In addition, the firm scores with partner Martin Liebernickel, who specializes in succession planning and fiscal court proceedings. The team’s broad positioning is also reflected in the competent advice on foundation law provided by Katharina Gollan, who is described by competitors as “smart, prudent and professionally excellent”.

The firm is and remains “the measure of all things”; this includes the advisors in fund and regulatory law and in financial taxation in the structuring of VC and mid-cap PE funds, as well as in fund transactions.

The “breadth of contacts” in the industry is impressive every year anew. The fact that the firm is also repeatedly commissioned for the launch of successor funds demonstrates the trust of its clients. This trust is also the basis for the fact that POELLATH is also repeatedly entrusted with the lead management of unusual projects. The fund tax practice’s extensive experience also pays off when fund tax disputes are brought before the courts. Last but not least, the advisory on declarations for special funds is expanding. “Leading advisors” are Andreas Rodin and Amos Veith. Other “frequently recommended” advisors are Uwe Bärenz, Ronald Buge (“very experienced”, competitor), Jens Steinmüller and Michael Best.

Michael Best is also among the “frequently recommended” advisors for his expertise in transactional tax advisory.

The firm is a “permanent fixture” in the market in this field and is “resolutely strong”. It advises mid-cap PE firms in particular, but also demonstrates “a great deal of clout” especially in mid to very high-volume real estate deals with Hardy Fischer as a “frequently recommended” expert. The “core clientele” consists of German conglomerates, medium-sized /family-owned companies, financial investors, banks, real estate companies, retail and manufacturing industries, which it mainly advises on tax contracts and structuring of M&A/PE and real estate transactions.

POELLATH also boasts two “leading” advisors in “personal related corporate tax” with Benedikt Hohaus (“one of the leading MPP advisors in Germany”) and Barbara Koch-Schulte. The “two highly renowned partners” work for both investors and managers and have “occupied the niche of MPP advisory services for years”. They are also in demand when it comes to reviews and second opinions.

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