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JUVE Handbuch Steuerrecht 2022

11 professionals listed, 5 of them as “leading” partners

The 35-member editorial team of JUVE’s Handbook of Tax Law conducted more than 2,129 interviews with clients and advisors. A total of 175 law firms are listed in the current edition, with the aim of making the confusing market of tax services for commercial enterprises more transparent.

POELLATH, with its two “leading” partners Dr. Andreas Richter and Prof. Reinhard Pöllath and the “frequently recommended” Dr. Stephan Viskorf, has once again achieved the top rating in the practice area “high net worth private clients and foundations”. The reason for the top rating is the comprehensive legal and tax advice POELLATH provides to very large foundations, high net worth individuals and large family businesses or their trunks, some of which have assets worth billions. In addition, the firm scores points for its advice on complex tax structures with foreign elements. The firm’s advisors offer comprehensive, varied services ranging from consulting on tax projects to advisor. The firm has established partners in all locations with strong teams in different generations, thus securing “the firm’s reputation as the premier address for [Germany’s] most important business families”.

In the area of fund structuring and investments in the VC and mid-cap PE segment, “there has long been no way around the law firm”, which has asserted itself in the market as an “indispensable player in investment tax law”. Market experts attest that the firm has the “broadest practice for fund structuring in Germany”. The practice area advises “on regulatory, contract and tax law in concert” and increasingly on so-called continuation funds, which grant investors additional investment opportunities. The combination with increasing market screening for the creation of further umbrella and co-investment programs provides the firm a “very high workload”.

The firm also boasts Amos Veith as a “leading” partner in this practice area. Other “frequently recommended” advisors include Uwe Bärenz, Dr. Jens Steinmüller, Ronald Buge and Munich partner Dr. Michael Best, who is also “frequently recommended” for his expertise in transaction tax law. Competitors attest that he is “very good at structuring”.

Dr. Hardy Fischer is also “frequently recommended” for his competent advice in transaction tax law. Industry insiders attest to the firm’s “above-average strength in structuring issues for a commercial law firm”. Notably, the partner appointment of Gerald Herrmann has given the firm a “remarkable track record” after the Munich team focused entirely on advising on private equity deals, making tax advice on deals one of the tax practice’s “key drivers”. In addition, the division has been “very active” in advising on management participation, a territory in which POELLATH is “considered one of the market leaders in this country”.

The firm owes this distinction to its two partners Dr. Barbara Koch-Schulte and Dr. Benedikt Hohaus, who are also “leading” in this field and for the market “there is almost no way around them when it comes to complex management participation structures”. The two partners were also actively involved as advisors in two of the 10 largest tax law deals. The partners’ “stellar reputation is also reflected time and again in their expert opinions”.

Last but not least, the firm was included in the list of Central and East German and Bavarian tax practices with nationwide significance in corporate tax.

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