März 2023 · Insight

Private Equity - Fund Formation: Chapter Germany 2023

Lexology Getting The Deal Through publishes again in 2023 a „Private Equity“ guide in which leading practitioners each answer the same key questions for their jurisdiction. Tarek Mardini, Dr. Matondo Cobe and Antonia Nabavi contributed the chapter on fund formation issues in Germany.

in: Private Equity - Fund Formation, Getting the Deal through, Lexology, Law Business Research, 2023
Autoren: Tarek Mardini, Dr. Matondo Cobe, Antonia Nabavi
  • Private Funds
    • Fondsstrukturierung
    • Fondsaufsichtsrecht
    • Fondsbesteuerung
    • Asset Management
    • Fund Economics
    • Fund Compliance
    • Investmentsteuerrecht
    • Fund Terms
    • Vertriebsregeln
  • Nachfolge und Vermögen
    • Asset Management
  • Steuerrecht
    • Investmentsteuerrecht
    • Fondsbesteuerung