2021 · Insight

Wealth Management in Germany: The Tax Factor - Inheritance, Trusts, Foundations

The taxation of asset management in Germany has recently undergone major changes: The limitation period for serious cases of tax evasion has been increased, exit taxation and CFC rules have been tightened by the implementation of the ATAD Directive, the real estate transfer tax (RETT) on share transactions became more restrictive and adjustments in tax law were required due to the BREXIT. Foundation law, as a common instrument of succession planning, was also recently the subject of a comprehensive reform.  As if that were not enough, after the coming federal election, increases in existing taxes and the introduction of new taxes are also imaginable, depending on the outcome.

in: Itpa Journal, Volume XXI, Number 1, 2021, 11-22
Autoren: Dr. Andreas Richter
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