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JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2023/2024

The research team responsible for producing the latest JUVE handbook, “JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2023/2024”, contacted 1,300 law firms and held around 7,000 interviews to generate a qualified ranking for 741 law firms in 7 regions and 36 fields of law.
In addition, 20,512 companies and decision-makers (such as board members, CEOs, department managers and other leaders) were also invited to comment on their cooperation with these law firms.

POELLATH has again achieved a top-tier ranking in the field of assets and estate with two “leading” partners in the market. Berlin-based partner Dr. Andreas Richter is leading in advising on issues concerning foundations and Munich-based partner Dr. Stephan Viskorf is leading in advising companies. The “biggest success story”, however, is the expansion of the Frankfurt office with the appointment of Dr. Katharina Hemmen as partner. For years, she has been in charge of providing comprehensive advice to a billion-euro entrepreneurial family with over 200 shareholders. With two partners and a rapidly growing team, the office is now “indispensable” to the market. 

The Berlin office has “further honed its core business in foundation and non-profit advice”, particularly with the appointment of Dr. Marcus Niermann as counsel, who specializes in advising foreign trusts. The primary focus of the Munich office is advising high-net-worth entrepreneurial families, who are also active in group restructuring in cooperation with the corporate law practice; often with foreign foundations as vehicles. The various locations have combined their specific strengths to create a master plan. In addition to Dr. Viskorf and Dr. Richter, other “frequently recommended” advisors are Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pöllath, Dr. Katharina Gollan (“very present in non-profit and foundation consulting”) and increasingly Dr. Christoph Philipp.

In addition to traditional advisory for PE companies, the corporate division also gained additional clients in corporate group law and M&A, as well as corporate governance, which made “the entire practice more crisis-proof”. The team has a lot of experience in this area as “dedicated organ advisors, often in a contentious context”. Dr. Eva Nase “impressively demonstrated” her expertise in stock corporation and capital markets law when she advised Dr. Hans Michel Piëch in connection with the Porsche IPO. In addition, POELLATH has expanded its spectrum by adding Dr. Andreas Reuther, who operates at the interface of employment law. “Frequently recommended” advisors are Dr. Eva Nase (highly praised by clients: “offers excellent legal advice in matters of organ law”), Dr. Matthias Bruse and Dr. Michael Inhester.

Dr. Eva Nase, for her advice on public takeovers and Dr. Michael Inhester are “frequently recommended”, as are Jens Hörmann, Dr. Frank Thiäner, Christian Tönies (“goal-oriented and pragmatic”) and Philipp von Braunschweig for their M&A expertise. POELLATH advises large private investors, shareholders, institutional investors and investment banks and assists buyers and sellers in transactions, particularly in the PE and VC sectors.

Dr. Frank Thiäner (“pragmatic and solution-oriented”) and Philipp von Braunschweig are considered “leading” experts for their outstanding expertise in private equity transactions. Their colleague Christian Tönies (“friendly and professional”) is also among the “leading” partners for his excellent venture capital advice. 

The list of other “frequently recommended” advisors in this practice area also includes Dr. Michael Inhester and Jens Hörmann, as well as Otto Haberstock and Dr. Benedikt Hohaus.

Overall, the firm has distinguished itself for a broad range of advice and its expertise in mid-cap transactions and venture capital, as well as for its management advice. The firm enjoys an “excellent reputation” in the latter area in particular, as well as in fund structuring.
The firm also has a “leading” advisor in fund structuring in Amos Veith (“very good expertise” according to a competitor). His colleagues Uwe Bärenz and Dr. Peter Bujotzek are included among the ranks of “frequently recommended” experts. For a “long time”, POELLATH has been said to “dominate” the market in the German VC and PE segments. One competitor even describes the firm as a “fund factory”. The firm has “complemented its market-leading structuring work with outstanding regulatory capabilities”. Furthermore, “hardly any other law firm demonstrates such a great track record in secondaries and continuation funds” and the firm is also further expanding its compliance advice on tax, as well as on money laundering, CRS and SFDR disclosure regulation.

In addition to transactions and financing, fund structuring is also the focus of advice in the real estate sector. 

With its “respected real estate practice”, the firm also scores highly here with Dr. Stefan Lebek as a “leading” advisor and Dr. Matthias Durst, who is also “frequently recommended”. In line with its clients, who often come from the private equity or family office environment, the firm also offers advice on corporate and tax law. Despite the weakening market, this practice also boasts “a considerable deal flow due to its client base”.

JUVE’s summary for all practice areas is: “Clients value POELLATH lawyers not only for their competence and accessibility, but also for their excellent cooperation with the legal department. It is striking that a number of younger lawyers have already earned the respect of their clients.”

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